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Lily On The River is a Filipino indie folk duo formed by WLW (Women Love Women) OPM artist couple Pixie Labrador and Erin Lee. For several years, they have each been honing their own unique styles of music as solo artists under their own names. However, little did they know that meeting each other in 2018 would lead to even greater opportunities for their growth both individually and as a team. Ironically, Pixie’s heartfelt ballads and Erin’s upbeat pop-rock jams are far from similar. But together, their musically-inclined talents form the perfect balance of sweetness and spice as they continuously challenge the conventionalities of music through harmony and rhythm.

Even before deciding to form Lily On The River, Pixie and Erin have been continuously commended for their single “You Are” which hit 1 million streams within only 5 months of release in February 2020. The single is about accepting the comfort and security that love should give, without leaving any room for fear nor doubt. It is, at the same time, written as a reflection of their own romantic relationship. The song’s impact has definitely made its mark as a sincere piece of LGBTQ+ media, and has inspired many people to come to terms with who they are and love. As such, Pixie and Erin have also performed for pro-LGBTQ+ organizations such as the notable Metro Manila Pride for their first ever Online Pride March in June 2020.

While Pixie and Erin’s influences in songwriting may differ at times, they also share some similarities. One of the first artists they ever bonded over was pop singing sensation Sara Bareilles and her work on the soundtrack of Broadway’s hit musical “Waitress.” Their love for musical theater always puts them in awe at exploring various song forms and complexities. They also share a common love for British singer-songwriter Dodie, whose themes directly shine a light on sexuality and mental health awareness.

Lily On The River is a safety net for music that is spontaneous, out-of-the-ordinary, but speaks from the heart nonetheless. This artistic duo will surely find its way to excite, ease, or comfort at any given moment. Allow their storytelling to transport you to a world of a love, loss, and everything in between, with messages that hit close to home.

Lily On The River’s debut single “Unhappy Serenity” comes out January 29, 2021.

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